How it Works


SwipeSense Hand Hygiene is an innovative system that helps protect patients and caregivers from hospital-acquired infections. Using a network of smart sensors, SwipeSense provides reliable hand hygiene compliance data measured in monitored patient rooms only and nowhere else.

Caregiver Badge.png

Caregiver badges

Badges wirelessly communicate with all other devices to record hand hygiene events (cleaning hands with sanitizer or soap) and opportunities (entering / exiting patient rooms). Only hand hygiene events and opportunities associated with patient room visits are reported.

Badges are uniquely assigned to specific individuals and are required in the hospital to receive credit. All you have to do is clip it behind your existing hospital ID. Once attached, your compliance will be measured moving forward.

To avoid damaging your badge, avoid high frequency hospital equipment (MRIs) and excess water.

Does wearing my badge have negative health impacts?
SwipeSense badges emit less radio frequency waves than a wireless mouse or headset. It uses the same frequency as a typical home Wi-Fi setup, although on a much smaller scale. Multiple studies have concluded that wearing these devices does not increase the likeliness of negative health outcomes.

Read our Badge Safety & Research Statement
Hygiene Sensor.png

Hygiene Sensors

Hygiene Sensors are placed under soap and alcohol dispensers throughout the unit. ANY dispenser can be used upon entry/exit from a patient room. When cleaning your hands, the Hygiene Sensor recognizes your badge and a green light will flash, indicating data was captured. Each time a dispenser is activated, the closest caregiver is credited for that hygiene event. You do not need to do anything different from your current workflow.

Location Hub.png

Location Hubs

Location Hubs help record entry and exit timestamps for visits to patient rooms. These hubs are assigned to specific patient rooms or designated areas and should not be removed to ensure data is captured accurately. Location Hubs in non-patient areas (nurse stations, staff lounge, etc.) simply tell the system to not assess these areas for hand hygiene.

Communication Hub.png

Communication Hubs

Hand hygiene data is relayed from all devices in the system to Communication Hubs located in centralized work areas such as nursing stations. The Communication Hubs then relay data to the system’s dashboard and should remain plugged in at all times to ensure data is transmitted.



Your individual hand hygiene compliance contributes to your department’s overall compliance. This metric is reported in the Hand Hygiene dashboard as well as bi-weekly reports to your manager and monthly reports to the Infection Prevention team.