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Hand hygiene just got a whole lot easier.

According to the CDC, increasing hand hygiene is the best way to prevent illness and infections.
SwipeSense is an affordable, data-driven, hand hygiene platform for doing just that.

Welcome to Hand Hygiene 2.0


Powerful, real-time feedback rewards good behavior and makes manual hygiene observation a thing of the past.


Our portable dispenser empowers healthcare professionals to wash their hands where it matters: the point of care.
Piggy bank


Battery-powered sensors capture hygiene data from existing wall and soap dispensers making installation simple and unobtrusive.


The average cost to the hospital per hospital-acquired infection.
The number of hospital-acquired infections every year in the US, resulting in 100,000 deaths.
The direct medical cost of hospital-acquired infections in the US annually.
The increase in hand hygiene achieved by nurses using the SwipeSense portable dispenser.

How it Works

The complete hand hygiene solution

SwipeSense is the only complete system that combines point-of-care hand hygiene dispensers with real-time data from existing dispensers.

Eliminate dependency on both hand hygiene campaigns and manual observations by leveraging data to encourage sustainable culture change.

View individual compliance levels, unit comparisons, and historical trends through an intuitive web-platform.

Bring hand hygiene to the point of care

Empower healthcare workers to clean their hands wherever they go with a light, portable hand sanitizer dispenser.

Recyclable gel cartridges make refills a snap, and an interchangeable clip system ensures the device fits comfortably anywhere.

Electronics within the dispenser capture usage data and transmit it to each user's badge.

Flexible data collection

Badges provide a lightweight and unobtrusive way to collect hand hygiene usage data in real time.

Hand hygiene compliance data is collected from the portable dispenser as well as existing gel and soap dispensers within each patient room.

Badges are linked to individuals enabling full participation in facility efforts to improve hand hygiene performance.

Retrofit your current dispensers

Wireless sensors seamlessly retrofit into existing hand hygiene infrastructure to deliver real-time usage data.

Installable in under a minute, they sense when wall-mounted dispensers are used and relay this information to the user’s badge.

Sensors work with any existing wall dispenser including gel, soap, foam, and motion-activated dispensers.

Effortless installation

Data collection hubs use a single wall socket in each patient’s room making installation simple and unobtrusive.

Hubs wirelessly sync with healthcare workers' badges for real-time, room-level hand hygiene compliance data.

Hubs deliver hand hygiene compliance information over existing hospital WiFi network or ethernet to secure servers for analysis.

Powerful insights through data

Automated compliance reporting eliminates the need for time-consuming manual observation.

Infection control professionals are provided location-specific reports to correlate hand hygiene data with infection outbreaks.

The cloud-based platform automatically identifies changes in compliance, average room visit length, frequency of room visits, and much more.


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