We save lives by enabling hospitals to deliver the most efficient and safest care possible.

Hospitals lower their costs and reduce preventable harm with our intelligent sensors and actionable insights.


Our Platform


The SwipeSense Platform is our technology infrastructure. It runs multiple applications simultaneously and monitors all of your core metrics in one place without the burden of logging in to multiple systems.

Our platform creates a truly connected, collaborative ecosystem designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

 SwipeSense Communication Hub

Our Products



Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene compliance is one of the most critical patient safety measures in healthcare. The lack of reliable data severely handicaps a hospital's ability to improve accountability and stop the spread of infections.

The SwipeSense Hand Hygiene application empowers facilities to create lasting behavior change with actionable insights. Our system is easy to install and non-disruptive for your hospital staff.



Asset Tracking

An average US hospital loses $4,000 worth of equipment per staffed patient bed every year. This equipment is critical to patient care and in high demand by staff.

The SwipeSense Asset Tracking application enables Biomedical Engineering and clinical staff to instantly locate the equipment they need. Our dashboard eliminates wasted staff time, prevents costly theft and improves asset utilization.




Effective nurse rounding reduces patient falls, decreases pressure ulcers and increases patient satisfaction. Today, most hospitals rely on inconsistent and inaccurate pen-and-paper methods to keep track of rounding.

The SwipeSense Rounding application automatically records when rounding occurs. Our data empowers directors to make meaningful rounding improvements that increase HCAHP scores and reduce adverse events.


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