Hand hygiene Redefined.

Consistent hand hygiene is the first and most important action caregivers take in the battle against hospital-acquired infections.

Despite decades of effort to improve hand hygiene using manual observation, infections continue to affect millions of patients every year. This ends now.

A whole new era.

SwipeSense connects hand hygiene to the cloud in hospitals. Our sensor network collects data on compliance, improving staff habits over time with increased accountability.

Culture change powered by technology is the key to delivering error-free, high quality care. Our vision is to eradicate medical errors by laying the foundation for the connected hospital and building a culture of quality in healthcare. Hand hygiene is the first step towards achieving this goal.


Sensors in personnel badges and dispensers enable hygiene activity to be captured with no changes to workflow.

Manual observation is a thing of the past, without the need to drop power lines or replace dispensers.

True Compliance™

Our system delivers True Compliance™, hyper-accurate compliance data with individual and room-level granularity. Accuracy leads to accountability, accountability leads to change.


The fully integrated system seamlessly provides data from across the enterprise with exceptional clarity. Infection control professionals can effortlessly monitor and improve individual and unit compliance levels to encourage sustainable culture change.

The complete hand hygiene solution.

SwipeSense is the simplest solution to eliminate dependency on manual observations and increase hand hygiene compliance with infection control protocols.

How It Works


Infection control professionals can view individual and location-specific data to gauge compliance and correlate hand hygiene data with infection outbreaks. The cloud-based platform aggregates a variety of data, including average room visit length, frequency of room visits and more – eliminating the need for time-consuming manual observations.


Caregiver Badges

The caregiver badge is unobtrusive, clipping behind existing ID cards, and has up to 2 years of battery life. Hygiene events and visits are captured seamlessly with no impact to staff workflow. Badges are linked to the individual, enabling full participation in facility efforts to improve hand hygiene performance.


Hygiene Sensors

New and existing hygiene dispensers are fitted with a smart drip guard that captures personal usage data. The sensor unit works with any existing wall dispenser including gel, soap, foam and motion-activated units.


Location Hubs

Location Hubs are located in each patient room or care area to continuously capture caregiver visits. This ensures that each recorded hand hygiene event and patient visit are linked to the room where they took place. Room Hubs use a single wall socket, making installation simple and inconspicuous.


Communication Hubs

Hand hygiene data is relayed from all devices in the system to Communication Hubs located in centralized work areas such as nursing stations. Data is then delivered over existing hospital WiFi or Ethernet to secure servers for analysis. Communication Hubs require only a single wall socket for installation.



Hand Hygiene


Up to 69% of hospital acquired infections are preventable through known quality measures;
principally, better hand hygiene.

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The following values
guide our work.

Our Values

Relentless Experimentation and Ruthless Execution

Delivering on our promises runs deep in our veins - we believe in ruthless execution. We are committed to shipping products that delight our users, and doing whatever it takes to eliminate medical errors in our hospitals. However, we believe that in order to do anything new, you have to accept that you will fail. Relentless experimentation inevitably leads to failure, but is a vital part of the scientific exploration to reach a deeper truth.

Driven by purpose: Every team member at SwipeSense knows that their work impacts a patient in one of our hospitals. We work towards a future where healthcare delivery is safer for all humanity.

Practice radical candor: Disagreement is welcome at SwipeSense - we believe that only through respectful feedback, debate and dissent within our office, can we reach ideas that will thrive in the world.

Celebrate better failure: Failures are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them - we believe in sharing our experiments, our data and our learnings across our team. Innovation comes from a breadth of ideas, some of which are bound to fail.

Decide with numbers: When it comes to making hard decisions, data trumps experience or seniority. The loudest voice in our company is always the data, and ideas that gain the most traction are built with numbers at their core.

Breathe eternal optimism: Fixing healthcare is hard. No matter how dark the day is, we always get back to work knowing that the struggle makes us stronger. This grit defines who we are, and our determination to build the healthcare system that we want to see in the world.


Mert Iseri

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Yuri Malina

VP of Product & Co-founder

Michael Cruz

VP of Engineering

Stephen Woolverton

VP of Supply Chain & Operations

Jori Hardman

Architect & Co-founder

Stephen Williamson

VP of Sales & Marketing

Annie Aladjova

Director of Finance

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