Our Leadership

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Drew Franklin

Chief Executive Officer

Drew has extensive experience in commercial operations spanning over thirty years. He is passionate about our mission to help save lives and improve patient and practitioner experience while helping healthcare facilities improve their operating margins. Drew and the leadership team are committed to creating value to the clients they serve while delivering against the improved patient experience that leading facilities are expecting to deliver. Data analytics from real-time location services can provide the insights into delivering world class capability while enhancing the practitioners experience in delivering against enhanced patient care while improving operational efficiencies.

Paul Lorsbach

Vice President of Engineering

Paul brings over 15 years of technical and product expertise focused on high-impact companies. Drawing on his experience ranging from dynamic startups trying to prove themselves in the marketplace to complex enterprise architectures that augment legacy customers with cutting edge capabilities, he's seen it all. He's excited to have built a high-performing team working on a next generation data platform that brings real-time insights to healthcare professionals. Marrying engineering and product under one roof, this cross-functional team is purpose built to focus on driving meaningful outcomes for patients while, at the same time, reducing costs for hospitals.


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Erin Wilband

Director of Operations

Erin has over fifteen years in the technology industry. She puts our people and culture at the heart of our internal operations, drawing on her past of establishing and enhancing processes across business functions. With continuous improvement and lean methodologies, she is dedicated and passionate about ensuring SwipeSense operates through the best possible processes and systems, giving our employees and customers a seamless experience. Working cross-functionally, Erin is thrilled to be leading the efforts to improve operational efficiency through data-driven decisions which align with SwipeSense’s core values.

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Carey Mackesey

Director of Human Resources

Carey joined SwipeSense in July 2023 from Clean Hands – Safe Hands where she worked as Operations Manager since 2020. Carey is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of expertise in government and public relations. Seeking new challenges, Carey transitioned to healthcare where she optimized operational processes and led human resources. Leveraging her wealth of experience, Carey is committed to spearheading innovative approaches to talent acquisition, employee development, and fostering a vibrant company culture.